Conversations from the Youth Wellness Movement

Drawing From the Well

Drawing From the Well is our platform to share the stories of educators, students, activists and communities that are paving the way to bring wellness into education.

Our podcast series is hosted by Tiffani Marie and Produced by Jon Reyes. Listen as they dive into conversations spanning big conceptual ideas to pragmatic tactics that deepen our understanding of youth wellness.


Episode 1: Defining Wellness

How do you define “wellness”? Does that definition change when applied to youth?

In episode 1, “Defining Wellness”, we hear from:

Maestro Jerry Tello of The National Compadres Network, who provides us with a working definition of wellness and guides us through the practice of accessing their cultural wisdom and embracing their sacred purpose. Jewell Bachelor, a healing centered educator who provides meditations for meaningful practice during COVID-19. Jeff Duncan-Andrade, Ph.D, who provides reflection on issues that arose when attempting to create an institution centered on youth wellness.

Hosted by Tiffani Marie and is produced by Jon Reyes.

Music by King Most.

Episode 2: Threats to Youth Wellness

What are threats to youth wellness?

In episode 2, “Threats to Youth Wellness”, we hear from:

  • Professor Kevin Nadal, Ph.D introducing the concept of microaggressions and intersectional trauma to remind of the daily traumas that compromise youth wellness.
  • A Q&A with Ashley Monterrosa, a youth activist thrust into activism after the killing of her brother Sean Monterrosa at the hands of the Vallejo Police Department.
  • A reflection by Professor Kenjus T. Watson, on schooling, loss, and reclamation of self in community.

Music by King Most.

Episode 3: Ideal Conditions for Sustained Youth Wellness

What are the ideal conditions for sustained youth wellness?

In episode 3, “Ideal Conditions for Sustained Youth Wellness”, we hear from:

  • Dr. Antonia Darder an internationally recognized scholar, artist, poet, activist, and public intellectual who introduces us to a “language of love”
  • A Q&A with Dr. Sara Chase Merrick, a critical scholar and community leader about her work curating youth language models within her Hoopa community.
  • A reflection by Professor Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales, exploring the types of mentorship and grief necessary to sustain youth wellness.

Music by King Most.

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