Cultivating wellness through our interconnected ecosystem: embracing bonds with self, others, and nature.

13 Wellness Summaries

A balanced ecosystem is a system that lifts up the living beings within it and is also lifted up by all living things. Every plant, animal, and organism (even the ones our eyes cannot see) can add to the health of the ecosystem we live in. Every living being shares a bond with one another, our connections are woven together. These powerful connections are there to strengthen our mind, body, and spirit and help us to be well. The land wants to see you grow and build deeper bonds with you. The people in your community and even your inner self crave deep bonds. By choosing to embrace your connection to yourself, to others and to all living things you can experience wellness. With your community as your built-in support system you have all you need to experience being and becoming more well. Although we are a single person, we are connected to something greater than ourselves. Our Wellness Summaries may focus on us as an individual but the medicine is often found in other living beings and our wellness as a whole ecosystem.