Understanding identity through culture, sacred purpose, and agency.

Developing inner self supports the wellness of an individual and their community.

Mind: hope--sense of control of destiny; defined through pathways (knowing what to do) and agency (believing you can do it);
Body: physical health
Emotion: self-love
Spirit: sacred purpose
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Self in relationship to others; rootedness and commitment to showing empathy toward family, community, and peers.

Building meaningful attached relationships with others leads to greater levels of empathy, harmony and wellbeing in the community.

Mind: respect
Body: boundaries
Emotion: empathy
Spirit: love of all living beings
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Interrelatedness to ancestors, place,land and natural world.

Being connected to our ancestors, community, the land, and natural world supports personal and collective wellness.

Mind: responsibility + resilience
Body: connection
Emotion: awareness
Spirit: collective joy
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