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Listen now NEW RELEASE | YWM PODCAST Explore youth wellness through the lens of education and the work of The Youth Wellness Movement. This podcast seeks to be a resource for researches, educators and the general public in the journey of developing community responsiveness to the needs of young people.
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Hear their story YWM COMMUNITY The movement has been years in the making – starting with this trio.
A whole generation is more anxious, more fragile, more depressed. They’re much less comfortable taking risks. This is a real change in a generation.”

Jonathan Haidt, PhD
author of “The Happiness Hypothesis”

We are developing ways to measure wellness that include resilience, love, hope, cultural identity, critical consciousness, self-determination, and relationships to name a few.
A blend of researchers and thinkers from a wide spectrum of disciplines are coming together to repurpose education to make wellness the primary goal.