Monkey Flower

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You are elevating to the next level!

You’ve built a strong foundation, the relationship you share with yourself. You have a strong sense of your own value. This shows by how you care for your mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Your ability to feel grounded has a big impact on the world. 

Also known as your innerself skills. Right now this is your wellness superpower. Continue showing yourself love by caring for your body and listening to your inner voice. This will help you add onto the strong foundation you have built for yourself and ready your home to share with others.

When your mind, body, emotion, and spirit are in harmony, you experience wellness. Wellness is supported by healthy relationships between yourself, you and others, and you and all living things including plants, animals and the land.

Developing a love and respect for yourself and the natural world will uplift your love and respect for your community and relationships. Interpersonal skills help you build friendships and work as part of a team player. 

Practice respecting the boundaries set by others. Respecting boundaries shows others that you care about their wellness. Caring for the wellness of others is a great way to build lasting relationships and to find groups of people that you can love and be loved by. 

You know a thing or two about how your decisions affect the world we live in. Which means you are ready to practice crafting your next wellness superpower, the understanding of interconnectedness.

Guidance for Monkey Flowers

To strengthen your sense of interconnectedness, practice gratitude before each meal. This can look like thanking the sun, soil, water, and beings for their part in supporting your growth. Slowing down to give thanks shows your respect for the land that you live on and eat from.


Journal & Draw: Journal or draw about three people that you love and are inspired by, or who influence you. How do they make you feel? What do they teach you? How do you grow with them? 

Meditate: Pick a song that brings you a sense of inspiration. Close your eyes as you listen to this song. In your mind, picture your favorite place in nature that brings you calm and peace. Notice details that you see. What colors are in the plants, animals, sky, or water? Notice any smells or weather you feel. Thank the land for protecting you and caring for you.

Connect: Take time to notice your favorite plants or trees in your neighborhood. These plants and trees guide you, even if you don’t always know it! Take a few minutes to notice their beauty. What kind of vibe does it give off? Does it feel protective? Calm? Joyful? As you pass by these plants or trees, take time to share your gratitude for cleaning the air and bringing beauty to your ecosystem. If you’re feeling extra vibey, ask them how they’re doing, and see what they say!


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