Community Partners

Wellness is a collaborative approach requiring organizations within our communities to come together in the spirit of change.

33rd & Rising

Creating Space for BI&POC, Marginalized Communities and our Allies to Unpack from trauma and heal Holistically

My Healing Language

My Healing Language is a framework for developing a personalized wellness practice. Recognizing that each individual’s well-being is complex and unique, we crafted this system to be a scalable mental health program that is authentic, adaptable, and person-centric.

Janet Stickmon

I am Blackapina (a biracial woman of Black and Filipino descent), and I am an author + professor of Ethnic Studies + mama + wife + swimmer + beginner parkour athlete. I enjoy Bikram yoga, beaches, baking, and painting miniatures.


Advancing social justice and liberation through healing-centered and trauma-informed services & consulting.

Just Black Thoughts

What are your thoughts in black?

The Art of Becoming

What began as a mentor and mentee relationship around building a purposeful and sustainable path as an independent artist, turned into a powerful process of looking inwards and towards a path of self-love.