Birch Tree

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You are exploring what it means to be you in this world!

Let us honor your strong connection to the world around you. Your responsibility to and awareness of the land and the beings of this land brings joy to us all.  

Becoming well-rounded in your innerself, interconnection, and interpersonal skills bring you closer to wellness. 

When your mind, body, emotion, and spirit are in harmony, you experience wellness. Wellness is supported by healthy relationships between yourself, you and others, and you and all living things including plants, animals and the land.

Innerself is your connection with yourself, including how you understand and care for yourself. You do a good job at being aware of your innerself. Innerself awareness can be strengthened by caring for your body and practicing self-love. Continue to drink plenty of water daily and take five minutes a day to write about anything you are feeling. These missions can help you learn even more about yourself and what you love to do. 

Let your innerself and your connection with all living things guide you to building lasting relationships.

Guidance for Birch Tree

Practice respecting the boundaries set by others and watch your interpersonal skills soar to new heights. Respecting boundaries shows others that you care about their wellness. Caring for the wellness of others is a great way to build lasting relationships and to find groups of people that you can love and be loved by.


Journal & Draw: Journal or draw about three people that you love and are inspired by or who influence you. How do they make you feel? What do they teach you? How do you grow with them? 

Meditate: Pick a song that brings you calm or brings you joy. Close your eyes as you listen to this song. Picture yourself in your mind as you close your eyes, and notice what you do in this version of yourself: are you dancing, are you at peace, are you with your friends? Take the length of this song to appreciate and love on yourself!

Connect: Play a song that makes you feel empowered or joyful. Play this song as you stand in the mirror. For the length of this song: notice three things that you love about yourself, name three things that make you unique, and name three things that you are growing in! Dance and shout with joy!

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