TPAR Courses

Rethinking the fundamental purpose of public schools is not only long overdue, but vital to the health and wellbeing of our youth.

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In doing TPAR, and providing an example of how we did TPAR on the wellness of youth, we hope to model how this journey can grow a deepened sense of purpose, curiosity, relevance, social awareness, self-awareness, and direction.

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Everything you need to do your own TPAR

What is TPAR?

The purpose of TPAR is to provide an opportunity for teachers to deepen their understanding of their students, their families, and the communities in which they teach. The application of TPAR has three aims:

  • To understand the issues and experiences of our students to become responsive.
  • To co-generate with students a pedagogical approach that centers wellness.
  • To become more than just a research project for our students, but rather to become a means to build relationships with them and with each other.

TPAR in the Classroom

Learn how CRE Teacher Fellows implement TPAR.

The Ideology and Wellness Project

Jose Manny Martinez

Waking Up: Rest as a Tool for Learning

Fatimah Salahuddin

Cultivating Joy and Whimsy in the Middle School Classroom

Jenine Wehbeh

Critical Media Literacy and Wellness

Aldrich Sabac

Understanding Teacher Wellness and Un-wellness

Jorge Pacheco Jr.

SJA PRAXIS: From Purpose to Sovereignty

Erica Viray Santos