Snake plant

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You are harmonizing to your own tune!

Your one person band is amazing! But your song would sound even better with bandmates to collaborate with. You will thrive in creating relationships despite being comfortable in your alone time.

When your mind, body, emotion, and spirit are in harmony, you experience wellness. Wellness is supported by healthy relationships between yourself, you and others, and you and all living things including plants, animals and the land.

Using your solid sense of innerself, you can strengthen all your relationships, including your interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills will give you confidence to take care of problems when they come up. 

Your strengthened interpersonal skills help you build friendships and connections with the community. Once connected with the world outside your head, you are ready to grow even more resilient with your connection to the land. 


Guidance for Snake Plant

Interconnectedness is the awareness that we are all connected and that our actions can impact the world and those around us. Understanding this truth helps you make responsible decisions for the joy of all. To strengthen your sense of interconnectedness, practice gratitude before each meal. This can look like thanking the sun, soil, water, and beings for their part in supporting your growth.


Journal & Draw: Take time to notice your favorite plants or trees in your neighborhood. These plants and trees guide you, even if you don’t always know it! Take a few minutes to notice their beauty. What kind of vibe does it give off? Does it feel protective? Calm? Joyful? Take some time to journal or draw about this. 

Meditate: Pick a song that brings you a sense of inspiration. Close your eyes as you listen to this song. In your mind, picture your favorite place in nature that brings you calm and peace. Notice details that you see. What colors are in the plants, animals, sky, or water? Notice any smells or weather you feel. Thank the land for protecting you and caring for you.

Connect: Write a letter to an ancestor. This ancestor can be a blood ancestor or one that you choose. This can be someone who inspires you to be your best self! Write a letter to them: give them an update on your life. Tell them about your strengths and challenges–what kind of guidance would you seek from them? Ask questions! Share your gratitude for continuing to inspire and guide you from afar.

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