Palm Tree

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You are expanding your knowledge!

You are learning more about yourself and the natural world.

We honor your respect for others and their boundaries. You show people you understand how they feel and this helps you and them grow love. 

Interpersonal skills help you build friendships and work as part of a team. Your interpersonal skills are fantastic because you are kind to others and take the time to understand how others feel. Keep up the great communication!

When your mind, body, emotion, and spirit are in harmony, you experience wellness. Wellness is supported by healthy relationships between yourself, you and others, and you and all living things including plants, animals and the land.

Flexing your interconnection muscle is a way to uplift yourself. You have the natural world to support you along with your community. It is a beautiful feeling to be loved and be loved by all living beings. There is enough love and wellness to go around, so remember to send love to yourself too. 

You can practice self-love by strengthening your connection with your innerself. Innerself is your connection with yourself, including how you understand and care for yourself. Connecting with your innerself can be remembering to drink plenty of water daily. This is an act of kindness that your body will thank you for. 

Guidance for Palm Trees

Interconnectedness is the awareness that we are all connected and that our actions can impact the world and those around us. You are becoming aware of this and are choosing to make responsible decisions for the joy of all. To strengthen your sense of interconnectedness even more, practice gratitude before each meal. This can look like thanking the sun, soil, water, and beings for their part in supporting your growth. 

Keep expanding like the branches of a tree seeking the sunlight.


Journal & Draw: Describe yourself or draw a self-portrait: What are you most proud of about yourself? How do you impact your family and community? What are your strengths and unique qualities?

Meditate: Pick a song that brings you calm or brings you joy. Close your eyes as you listen to this song. Picture yourself in your mind as you close your eyes, and notice what you do in this version of yourself: are you dancing, are you at peace, are you with your friends? Take the length of this song to appreciate and love on yourself!

Connect: Take time to notice your favorite plants or trees in your neighborhood. These plants and trees guide you, even if you don’t always know it! Take a few minutes to notice their beauty. What kind of vibe does it give off? Does it feel protective? Calm? Joyful? As you pass by these plants or trees, take time to share your gratitude for cleaning the air and bringing beauty to your ecosystem. If you’re feeling extra vibey, ask them how they’re doing, and see what they say!

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